On the 23rd of November 1903, the Warringah Bowling Club was born.

This brief account of its conception and its growth may be of interest to present day members and to all bowlers who have played at Warringah, where is enjoyed the magnificent panorama of harbour and city which the Club commands, as a result of the foresight and initiative of those pioneer members of 107 years ago.
The Club was the outcome of the feeling of a number of then members of the Mosman Club that there was room for another bowling club in the district, and, on the above date, a meeting was held at the Buena Vista Hotel – then newly erected – to take the first steps to bring their ideas to fruition.

The meeting was enthusiastic and those present having elected their first officers, soon became busy in successfully financial support to justify the purchase of a suitable site.
When an inspection was made of the district, at that time mostly virgin bush and sparsely settled, except in those areas adjacent to Military Road, Bradley’s Head Road and Middle Head Road, it was finally decided that a large stone quarry no longer being worked, facing the rough dirt road to Bradley’s Head, offered possibilities, and this site was purchased. It is understood that Challis House amongst other city buildings, contains stone from this quarry.

Where our name came from 

Warringah is an aboriginal word meaning “signs of rain’ or (without the final ’h’) ‘the sea – any sea’. High rise developments in recent years have intruded into our view of ‘the sea’ and the bushland our founders saw has just about disappeared but the club’s site still has many advantages and has increased enormously. The fact that the Warringah Bowling Club (in the municipality of Mosman) is not within the Shire of Warringah has sometimes caused confusion. It is, however, within the electoral division of Warringah. When the club was formed the Warringah electoral division extended from Cremorne to Palm Beach. As rapid population growth north to Manly made it necessary to divide the area electorally the Cremorne to Manly district retained the name Warringah after a battle – and the new division was named Mackellar.